Daily winter skin care routine to get nourished skin

Your skin loses the natural moisture and becomes dry, itchy in winter season. So, it presents challenges for us to maintain our skin. An effective skincare routine becomes essential to counteract these effects, ensuring our skin stays hydrated, protected, and glowing.

In this article, we have listed a few winter skin care routine tips to help you get nourished, hydrated in colder days. Let’s look out some points listed below which we will discuss in this article.

  • Daily winter skin care routine according to skin types
  • 11 winter skin care routine tips to follow during colder days
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Daily Winter Skin care Routine According to Skin Type

winter skin care routine

Daily skincare is about creating a protective and nourishing routine that adapts to the challenges posed by the season, is not just about addressing specific skin concerns. Whether you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin, a thoughtful winter skin care routine is essential for maintaining a healthy, glossing, hydrated skin.

Choosing skincare products that are suitable for your specific skin type is crucial for maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin. Using products not suited to your skin type can lead to adverse reactions such as irritation, breakouts, or excessive dryness. A personalized skincare routine minimizes the risk of these reactions. So, before using any product, examine your skin type and ensure that products and ingredients that you use cater to your skin’s specific needs.

Let’s see the daily skincare routine according to different skin types:

Oily skin

Oily skin can present its own set of challenges during the winter season. While winter is often associated with dryness, even oily skin can be affected. Cold weather can dry out your skin, prompting the skin to produce more oil into the pores. Using gentle cleansing and exfoliation can help the skin to unclog the pores and get rid of excess oil.

Use a gentle, foaming cleanser, and gel or water based moisturizer that suit your skin.

Dry skin

Dry skin requires extra hydration and nourishment because, dry skin has less natural oil or moisture. Cold winds, snow, and freezing temperatures can be harsh on the dry skin. If you have dry skin, avoid regular exfoliation as it can lead to irritate and feel worse the skin.

Opt for creamy and hydrating cleansers and moisturizers.

Normal skin

Normal skin doesn’t require any specific routine. you need to follow just simple skincare tips including cleansing and moisturizing to balance the skin well. a lighter product ensures hydration without feeling greasy

Use a lighter product that ensures hydration without feeling greasy.

Combination skin

For a combination skin you require a thoughtful skincare routine as it characterized by both dry and oily area. For combination skin, you need to maintain a good balance between oily and dry areas of your face. For skincare routine use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer for the oily zones and a richer moisturizer for the drier areas.

You can add a toner to your skincare routine to maintain the PH balance of face.

11 Winter skin care routine tips to follow during colder days

1. Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is a versatile and it is a effective method that can be adapted to suit individual skincare needs. In double cleansing, apply oil to your face and massage it in circular motion then rinse with cleanser, you can use coconut oil or olive oil. It removes the dirt and pollution that sticks to skin and impurities of the skin. You can use it on alternate days.

winter skin care routine

2. Stay Moisturize daily

It is essential to apply moisturizer specially in winter season as cold winds and air can strip off the natural moisture. Whether you have a oily skin, you have to use moisturizer. Choose your right moisturizer carefully that can work best for your skin type. It is not only your face, your whole body should be moisturized, you can use body lotions or body oil for it. Take a small amount of oil and massage it on your body, you can use coconut oil, jojoba oil or whatever suits you.

3. Avoid hot shower

It is recommended to use lukewarm water for bathe. Because when you bathe in hot water the skin loses its oil and becomes so dry and some people get itchy so don’t use hot water. Always use lukewarm water for bathe.

4. Stray hydrated

You should drink enough water to hydrate your body. When you feel thirsty, drink water. Dehydration is a common concern in winter because of increased indoor heating. Use a humidifier in your living space to add moisture to the air. This will keep your skin hydrated.

5. Good nutrition

“Healthy diet healthy you”. You have to consume some fruits, green leafy vegetable and juices. it will increase the grass and lighten your face. so you should consume the right amount of things in the right way.

6. Use Sunscreen

The winter sun rays can also damage your skin a lot so, no matter how old you are, you must wear sunscreen even in winter. You should apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 or greater on your whole body. Even if you are staying at home, apply sunscreen on your neck and hands.

7. Care your Lips

You should take care of your lips, specially in winter because it can be infected and split if exposed to cold temperature. Use a hydrating lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from cold air and UV rays. Also, exfoliate your lips gently with lip scrub, you can use organic or homemade lip scrub to exfoliate your lips.

8. Take care of your hand and feet

Use lotion or glycerin based cream to moisturize your hands and feet. You should exfoliate your hands and feet to let them absorb the moisturizers easily. So its very important to exfoliate your hands and feet on occasionally.

10. Protecting clothing

Wear scarves, hats, and gloves to shield your skin from the cold wind and air.

11. Nighttime nourishment

It is vey important to have a night routine. At night if you clean your skin very well in winter it give benefits, which cannot give in the day. At night your skin rejuvenates it self, the cell of the skin, which come around a lot of air and dust throughout the day, relax themselves. So before you go bed you should clean your face with cleanser followed by your night skincare products.


Winter skincare is important to keep your skin protected from cold weather, and harsh elements. By following the tips listed in this article, you can stay your skin healthy, glowing and hydrated.

More Question People Ask For Winter Skin care Routine

What should we apply on skin in winter?

You can apply moisturizers or lotions as per your skin types. Choose the skincare products that can work best for your skin.

Why my skin is bad in winter ?

In winter, cold weather strips away the natural oil of your skin leading to dryness and indoor heating further reduces humidity levels. This can lead to dehydration of the skin, making it more prone to dryness, flakiness, and irritation.

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