Basic makeup rules for beginners – With 7 tips

Makeup application might seem challenging for Beginners. It becomes easier with practices, skill and patience. Makeup is a personal choice, but basic makeup rules can be adjusted to suit your style and preferences.

There are certain secrets of basic makeup rules. In this article we will teach you about basic makeup rules. So you can enjoy a fresh and flawless makeup look anytime. Read more for a brilliant makeup look.

Here are the basic rules of makeup that you must do before applying makeup.

basic makeup rules

Basic makeup rules

  • Use the right amount of product
  • Prep your skin first
  • Do the eyes first
  • Use brushes for blend properly
  • Use lip liner before applying lipstick
  • Use right amount of blush
  • Remove makeup before bed

1. Use the right amount of product

Using the right amount of makeup product is crucial. Applying too much can lead to a heavy or cakey appearance, while using too little might not achieve the desired effect.

Start with a small amount and build up if needed, especially with products like foundation and eyeshadow.

2. Prep your skin first

Skincare is the foundation of any makeup routine. Begin by cleansing your face to remove any impurities, followed by moisturizing to hydrate the skin. A well-moisturized base helps makeup go on more smoothly and last longer.

3. Do the eyes first

Eye makeup takes lot of steps to get the perfect look. So, always start your makeup with eyes. Starting with eye makeup can help prevent fallout from eyeshadow or mascara onto your already-applied foundation. This way, you can clean up fallout without affecting the rest of your makeup.

4. Use brushes for blend properly

For a smooth and non patchy look make the use of makeup brushes. One must avoid touching your hands to face always use brushes for blending your makeup. It can cause skin irritation. Using brushes allows you to get a professional finish.

5. Use lip liner before applying lipstick

Lip liner helps define the edges of your lips and prevents lipstick from feathering. You can match the liner to your lipstick. Applying it before your lipstick provide you a more polished and well-defined lip shape.

6. Apply the right amount of blush

Applying the right amount of blush is crucial for a natural look. It doesn’t give the desired effect if you use too much blush. Applying the right amount of blush helps highlight your cheekbones and provide a youthful and radiant look.

7. Remove makeup before bed

Removing makeup before bedtime is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Leaving makeup on overnight can lead to skin irritation. Use a gentle makeup remover or cleanser to remove makeup and ensure that your skin is clean before you go to bed.

Conclusion for Basic makeup rules

Mastering basic makeup involves a few key principles: prioritize skincare, blend products seamlessly, and use the right amount for a natural finish, applying eye makeup first and investing in quality brushes, while defining lips with liner and using a moderate amount of blush, These straightforward rules provide a foundation for creating polished and personalized makeup look.

More Questions People Ask

What basics are needed for makeup?

Checkout these basic makeup list :
Translucent powder
Eyebrow pencil
Eyeshadow palette.
Bronzer/Highlighter Contour Kit

Is primer first or moisturizer?

Moisturizer, always apply moisturizer before applying primer.

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